Traffic shaping plan's and Radius Broken?

So, the Mimosa platform is a rich and full featured set of hardware and software with a lot of options.

However, it has come to my attention that (At least with current firmware) traffic shaping plans do not work when using radius.

Mimosa claims that this is a “Hardware related” issue and it won’t be fixed any time soon.

The latest available (On the website) radius files indicate that traffic shaping plans can be created by using VSA’s - Many of these attributes are laid out here:

There are some new features that are available that are not documented there, like the ability to set the location via radius:

Something like this:

insert into radius.radreply ( username, attribute, op, value) values ( ‘xyx123’, ‘Mimosa-Latitude-Parameter’, ‘=’, ‘37.351328’);

insert into radius.radreply ( username, attribute, op, value) values ( ‘xyz123’, ‘Mimosa-Longitude-Parameter’, ‘=’, '-121.934341’);

Looking forward to some more options in radius and the like.

Designing a network based on Mimosa devices, one should be aware that traffic shaping plan’s currently do not work with radius based set ups.

This is too bad as we originally sought to offload some of the traffic shaping to the AP, and not have to have CPU intensive stuff happen at either the customer router, or an aggregate server.

Perhaps Mimosa can share some insight on other reliable methods that traffic shaping could be enforced in the current versions of firmware that they are offing to active customers.

I think that Mimosa has hinted at a provisioning system, as this would possibly explain why they indicated that currently there are no plans to address radius vendor specific traffic shaping plan’s.

Here is hoping for the best.

To others that read this, perhaps you care to provide some examples on how you are implementing traffic shaping plan’s…?

I myself have moved to simple queues on Mikrotik CPE devices, but this involves disabling fasttrack which causes an increase in CPU! Hesitant to off load that to PPPoE servers, as again - more CPU load!

If the advertised Mimosa traffic shaping plan’s worked all would be well, so looking for what other folks are doing, so I can see if something could be melded with my current set up to make things better.

I could try moving away from radius based set up, and see how that went, but already moved to production phase!

Well they are broken still. No update from Mimosa on this: