Triple Play Network with Mimosa

Hello Everyone. I’m new to the Mimosa community. I only recently learnt about this brand which seems to be a serious rival to the Ubiquiti & Cambium products.

I am am about to engage with a client of mine to discuss network design and equipment purchase.
However since i have no experience with the Mimosa line of wireless products i am seeking some feedback.

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How good is the equipment to handle multiple services to a customer (Internet, IPTV, VoiP, & security surveillance). Triple play or even 5 play service

Not all at a single time but mostly 3 and any given time to a customer through a single Radio.

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What would you suggest is the best radio to use for this type of Application for short range (1-3 miles from tower and long-range (4-10 mile form tower) .

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And what would you suggest on the Tower side (equipment choice).

Any and all constructive feedback would be greatly apricated

Phew, that’s a lot of questions.

Yes, I would consider Mimosa to be one of the top fixed wireless manufactures in the market. That said, there are several competitors who you have not listed. Telrad and Baicells both are significant competitors these days as well, with Mikrotik and TP-Link being minor players (IMO).

  • “How good is the equipment to handle…” So, there are not a lot of people doing triple play services with Mimosa stuff. The main struggle here would be deciding how you want to deliver those and making certain you actually have the bandwidth to do so. A big question you will need to answer is: How are you planning on delivering all these services? Do you want a single system that you plug stuff in and tell the software then everything spins up? Or are you just looking for a lot of Layer 2 Bandwidth and you can handle the rest?

  • “what would you suggest is the best radio…” If you are looking at doing Point to Multipoint, then the A5c is going to be the go to radio for all your Access Point needs (at this time, the A5x is another option and there are rumors of a new Access Point radio coming out in the near future). As far as client radios for PTMP, then I would look to the C5x and purchase appropriate antennas. That said, 10 miles is a bit of a stretch unless you are using really high gain antennas and you don’t have a lot of noise in your area, so you may need to look at the C5c and 3rd party antennas in the 30+ dB range.

If you are looking at PTP connections, then the B5 series is the way to go, I would probably say the B5c combined with RF Elements Horn antennas will give you pretty impressive performance and will help with noise isolation a lot.

  • “Tower side suggestions” I am unsure what you mean here. Are you talking about routers and switches? Cabling? That is a whole different mess of issues to get yourself into and will very much depend on your networking experience etc.

Just being honest here, but I am getting the sense that you are jumping into the deep end of the wireless networking pool. You may want to hire in some technical expertise to get a more clear idea of what your goals are and how to reach them. Also to clarify a lot of things I just glossed over here.

  • IPArchitechs is a pretty well known consulting firm that I have only recently heard about some issues people have had with. I don’t think the issues are too large to prevent me from recommending them, but I figure I should be forthcoming.

  • There is a Facebook group called “WISP Talk” there are a half dozen consulting firms that you can get in contact with there. A name I can recommend would be Sarah Kerr, I don’t know her prices, but she is very down to earth and is good about explaining technical thing. (or at least better then I am)

  • LinkTechs, is another well known consulting group. I have had very little experience with them, but they seem to be a good group.

  • Technically I offer myself out for services, but I have no experience with Multi-Play services and I honestly don’t have a boatload of free time at the moment. So, as much as I would love to sell myself here, I probably wouldn’t be a great choice for you.

  • The Brothers WISP has a podcast and a Slack channel you can get access to for a pretty cheap amount. There are lots of brains there who offer free advice. Though more focused on actual technical details and such, but there are a few consultants there who are good guys and they might be able to help you out and get you some good ideas.

Thank you For taking the time to respond to my questions as best and honest as possible.
I really apricate the recommendation for consultants.

Doing a bit of home work for my self as an IT professional but now trying to jump in to large scale deployment.