Trouble 800ft up

Hey folks. As most of you know, I’m very new to this industry, but am 100% dedicated to using Mimosa equipment. When we designed our network, we had the great fortune of gaining access to a 1,000ft tower at the 800ft point for our backhaul and sector radios. This has been a blessing and a curse!

The big problem we keep having is Ubiquity Edge point S16 blow up every time lightning gets within 10 miles of the tower.

Does anyone know of any other switch we can use 800ft. up that allows us to connect our Mimosa radios to the Mikrotik router on the ground?

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Why do you need router? Get yourself small 8-10 port managed switch with one or two SFP’s and connect it to your miktorik equipment with fiber. Then configure vlans for each of your AP’s. It’s easy.

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We use Netonix switches on our tower. Run fiber and DC voltage from the base up to the switch and use it to power your Mimosa gear. Keep your Ethernet runs at the top short and use heavily shielded cable designed for FM tower deployment.

We’ve had the tower next to ours take a direct hit. It killed one of our radios (out of 5) but the switch kept on running up there.

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We also run Netonix within our network. Chadwick hit the nail on the head! It also helps if the tower and gear is properly grounded. But again luck of the drawl…

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Rodney, I have a quick question for you. When you get access to such towers, who does the climbing? I’m sure someone would have to have a license that actually climbs towers. Do you do it yourself or does the tower owner supply the climber? How does that process generally work? Thanks!

We use Wallace Tower Specialist it if Arkansas for the big towers. Their phone number is 870-322-7260. They are fully licensed and insured.

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If you run DC power cable up a tower be sure to use a shielded type with a drain wire and at that height a DC surge protection at the top and bottom will help dissipate any power hits. This will also protect your power source. Here is some companies that specialize.

Raycap for surge protection
Rosenberger for DC power cabling( even some hybrid fiber with power in one jacket)