True voltage range for C5c?

I’d like to know the true voltage range for the C5c. It states 24-56V and it is regularly mentioned that this was to allow for easy upgrades from other vendors. Most other vendors in the lower range are running 24V at the PoE injector, so there would be some amount of voltage drop before getting to the C5c. What is the voltage needed at the radio for the C5c to function correctly?

Thank you - Chris

ola amigo , ele vai de 19v ate 56v , pode usar sem problema

Mimosa doesn’t recommend operating the C5c with less than 24 VDC.

To clarify, this suggests that the C5c should not be used with Ubiquiti 24V supplies, and it should not be used with MikroTik 24V PoE hardware as a result of typical voltage drops?

It would be nice if vendors put 802.11af or PASSIVE on their devices so there was some semblance of standardization. We know we can swap in our Baicells with our current 24V passive PoE but the C5 seems to be mysterious. We will see what our testers give us to firm this up but just an opinion/rant.

Were Running the C5c in PtP mode, using the new AirPrism 5ghz GEN2 white UBNT 24v .75a power supplies.

Agree that any 24v .5a power supplies is not enough to power them.