Two different networks through one Mimosa B5-Lite

I’m not for sure if this is possible but we’re trying to converge two entirely separate networks into a Meomsa wireless bridge. Please see below image for a broad view of what I’m trying to accomplish. Is there any way to accomplish this without adding another pair of Mimosa equipment?

I successfully setup a test network with one router and multiple VLANs and smart switches and was able to get the Mimosa’s to work, but I have no idea how to sort out two different networks and route correct DHCP servers to where they need to go.

Pretty sure you will need a router that is capable of dual WAN at the Mimosa1 link. I recommend Mikrotik Routers, super configure-able and plenty of other features that can be handy.

At the very least you will need a switch on each side to route the traffic through the Mimosa equipment, they only have 1 Ethernet port. And you will need to configure each device to go through one or the other Router, Static IP and such. If you do not manually config you will end up with race conditions for your devices and it will be unpredictable how each device will route. On second thought, the two switches is probably not a good idea unless you turn off the DHCP on Router2 and manually config the Cameras.

But otherwise for many cases you are safe assuming the Mimosa link will act like a cable between the two sites. The link should work, it is in the routing that it will bite you.

You can easily do this with tagged vlans through the Mimosa link. You’ll need a managed switch at Mimosa 1 to tag each subnet coming in and one at mimosa 2 to un-tag on the way out.

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Using managed switches and TAGGED VLANS is how we do this.

I have several sites where we have multiple VLANS that are presented on one side, and used on the other side and it works quite well.

In fact, at one site we have 4 tagged VLANS in use with one of them handling VoIP communications and they’ve shown no issues in working as intended.

I do this a lot. It’s just VLAN Tagging/Trunking. Netonix switch is great choice for distribution layer tagging and it gives you POE too. You’d setup tagging on the Switch between the ISP routers and the ‘Mimosa1’. One Switch could tag for both ISP’s and the two networks. At the Mimosa2 end you would have another switch that would strip the tags and hand off to the Wifi or Security cameras.