Ubiquiti ES8-120W not working with B5x

So we recently had purchased a pair of B5x. Assuming that the B5x and B5c has technically the same board, we thought that it works on our EdgeSwitch 8-150W switches with POE+ enabled. However upon initial configuration, the B5x was not recognized by the switch. So is there something we did wrong? Or is it a compatibility issue with the switch itself?

The B5x isn’t listed in Mimosa’s support page, so I did some digging. What I found says that it should be compatible with 802.3at (PoE+). It uses a maximum of 20w, the same as the B5c. Some switches, such as Cisco, require CDP or LLDP to talk with the device requesting the power to get the settings correct. Do you have LLDP enabled on the switch and/or port? Have you tried a PoE tester on the port by plugging the tester in at the C5x’s cable connection? Have you used an Ethernet cable tester to verify the cable itself?

(older stuff) - but I have had similar problems with Mimosa / Mikrotik and Auto POE power on ports.

C5x’s do not trigger something in Mikrotik to make the auto POE turn on. A power board POE switch I use for PTP MDU stuff has to have POE power “forced” on.
Had to set a B5c that we use on a Mikrotik POE switch to be forced “on” and PoE Voltage set to “High” -

So, maybe try forcing the port “on” ?

The C5x is Passive PoE. It’s not 802.3af or 802.3at compliant. Something that’s compliant, as the B5x is supposed to be, shouldn’t require that. However, forcing the power to ‘on’ may help. Cisco switches give a warning about doing that because you may force the switch to over power the device, so be careful.

Yes, LLDP is enabled on our switch. A B5c is currently connected to the switch and POE+ worked as it should. We have tried a POE tester and POE+ was detected and we tested various CAT6 cables. It’s our first B5x installation so we are not sure why the B5x is not detected.

When I go to the support page here at Mimosa’s web site, the B5x isn’t listed yet. However, since it’s supposed to be compliant and you’ve verified the port and wiring, it sounds as if you need to contact Mimosa support.

Damn, so I just found the datasheet of the B5x and it does state it is 48 VDC passive isolated PoE injector. So I guess POE+ is a no-go. It would have been nice if they made the B5x POE+ compliant to save space in the data cabinet and provide remote reboots if the radio hangs up.

That would do it. As I had said, I had to go to other than Mimosa to get information. Where did you find your data sheet?

Here, found it in MIMOSA’s website


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