Unlock Issue on C5 that is locked

I have one C5 that I have not been able to unlock. It states that it is owned by another administrator. I believe that this was attempted to be setup by a prior employee. I have searched with no success to find the C5 in any site file.
Is there any method to release the lock on this C5?

Gotta talk with Mimosa Support, show you bought that C5 or own the Mimosa account it’s attached to.

I ran into the same issue a few months back with some B24s I bought off of Facebook. I ended up having the guy send me an invoice that had the serial numbers of the B24s I bought from him on it.

Do you know what the support number is?


Bottom right of your screen there is a “Chat with us” button. You may need to enable cookies so it works. Those guys will be able to take care of you.