Unlock Part 97 for B5/B5c, etc. for Ham Radio HSMM

Please create a way to open up Part 97 to allow the upper 5Ghz band, up to 6Ghz, for use by Ham Radio operators.

The radio seems to be capable from a hardware perspective, but only by changing country code, which only works for a short time before GPS check reverts it back. Seems like just a software change is all that is needed.


Radio would have to be Certified by the FCC for Amateur Part 97 use. I can not see Mimosa doing that, as it would present a problem for them with it being sold as Part 15 use !

They would have no control over anyone “using it in the Part 15 band”, and then using Part 97 settings !

FCC has clamped down on Manufacturer’s this year on things like that !

AND, if used for Part 97 use, under the FCC Amateur rules, it can NOT be used for commercial use (Such as a link to run a WISP), or be shared with NON Amateur users!

Watching something like NETFLIX on it (Commercial), would violate Amateur use !

They do have control, as even today when you get your unlock key from mimosa it unlocks it for part 15 (heck, the B11’s can be used illegally if one was malicious and didn’t want to file with FCC for the licensed hardware). If you send in the appropriate documentation, there is also a US Licensed key available as appropriate. If you try using other countries, the GPS will reset the radio in a few minutes. Mimosa definitely has the controls and software in place to support Part 97.

Mimosa does not need to get FCC part 97 certification, as HAM’s are allowed to use non Typed hardware, so long as it meets the requirements of the application it is used for at the time. Therefore, We can use modified (in hardware or software) Part 15, and even licensed equipment (AM, etc) that then meets the intent of Part 97, or whatever part is appropriate for its application by the Ham.

So to me it seems like the simple thing to do is create a license key that allows the full band and TX power the hardware is capable of, and only issue those keys to individuals that have provided copies of their FCC Station License. It is then up to the HAM to ensure compliance with use and operation laws, just like every other piece of Ham gear.

Ham’s can also “Modify” equipment and use them. So why don’t you just do that? No need for Mimosa to be brought into the situation !

I’m a ham, not a software developer. Simply a reasonable request for development of their product. Thanks for your opinion.