Updates on the A6 and C6x

Are there any official updates? Distros don’t even have it listed yet for preorder. Does any semiaccurate release date appear on the timeline? We want this product for an upcomming project but might need to go with an alternateve if availability doesn’t line up.


Nothing public, we have not seen it get approved for FCC testing, so anywhere from 3-6 months is my guess. The shortages have not helped anyone and from what I hear have only gotten worse with some factories completely closing down for weeks/months at a time.

Phillip2, What Alternation outdoor WiFi 6e AX product are you finding? Mimosa is the farthest along of any of the WISP market vendors.

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I said alternative product not alternative AX product. I will hold out as long as we can for this product because I think its a good value with SFP+ and wide freq range. I would prefer to use the A6.

So, I personally have some AP points that I am going to need to upgrade (Already) / and was hoping to see the A6 - but looks like I should just put more A5c’s and sector antenna’s.
I know supply shortages are a hard thing to deal with and Mimosa is doing what they can - but I for one am chomping at the bit!

Unless there is some good news about things moving along?

I have preorders in with my disto. I have a project that we will delay until we get the A6 in our hands. Its a town with about 4000 homes that happens to have a tower right in the middle and we need to be competitive with cable immediately. Only hope things get better so wer are not begging for CPEs after our initial order is exahausted.

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Some information on any beta sites or testing would be nice as well. Marketing is marketing. I don’t put much faith in things put out from the sales departments.

From the Mimosa web site A6 FAQ…

How far will the A6 reach?

“Depending on the environment and spectrum, the A6 is suitable for short to long range deployments.”

Can that be quantified? Short range and long range mean different things to different people.

When put in those terms it looks like marketing hype.

@arthur, the distance you can get out of your A6 will depend greatly on the environment you are working in.

There are plenty of people on these forums who have pulled off +10 mile PTMP connections between A5c and C5c/x radios. But they are all in very low noise areas and they are using very high gain antennas with clear LOS. In many of my previous deployments I couldn’t go more then 3 miles and still have reliable connectivity because of high noise environments or physical obstructions.

In my opinion, SRN will continue to be the defining factor for performance and reliability. The A6 using 160 MHz wide channels will probably need 30-33 dB of SNR to achieve full MCS, although with MU-MIMO clients with lower SRN/MCS will not harm the overall speeds of the A6 like they would with other platforms. That said, we just don’t have enough exact details.

But will most people be “using” / “needing” full MCS? At least at 160 Mhz wide
Most ISP’s dont sell clients full speeds that one of these units can deliver do they?

So, what is an acceptable MCS level say for a 100 by 50 meg service level? a 500 by 100 service?

What are people offering out there?

Sounds like the A6x will let ISP’s deliver some crazy speeds - would “you” want to offer 1 gig / 1 gig service over wireless to people?

Curious what other people think out there / plan on doing.

If I can offer a gig over the air I absolutely will! The problem is I don’t have the government / corporate $ to offer it for $70/month like you know who. There is no way they make profit at $840/yr on that!

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It will be tough to offer 1 gig upload. Remember the beamforming only works in the downstream. There is only a single 1750Mbps max link on the way back and you are limited to 30dBi CPE transmit. Also with the SNR needed max modulation on the downstream is only about 3/4 of a mile. We will be offering 100, 200, and 300Mbps plans with 1/3 of that speed on the upstream. Depending on the performance we may offer a 500Mbps plan. I really want to see real world data on how well the MU-MIMO and the upstream power limitations perform in the real world before I offer greater than 300Mbps. We are still very excited about this product and can be very competitive with cable immediately. We plan on beating the cable operator on upload speed, customer service, and the fact they are universally hated in this town.

Universally hated in every town it seems! It will be interesting to see the MU-MIMO and 8x beamforming results real world. For us, one of our market we are entering contains mainly DSL, so we are coming in lower around 50x50 but most other markets have ATT fiber already once we get our base but interesting thoughts about the UL speeds. Very valid point there, which circles back to the performance we will see real world.

Thx for input!

Phillip2 “There is only a single 1750Mbps max link on the way back”
So, that is the upload of the whole A6x? Like that has to be shared across all of the clients?

@Rob_MCN To the best of my understanding you have 4 beams on the downstream that are a max of 1750Mbps(2402PHY) and on the upstream you have a single 1750Mbps channel that can be shared by up to 4 devices using OFDMA(basically each client would get a 40MHz slice of the channel) This has been said by Jamie Fink in a couple of the A6 videos. So if we take the future SRS firmware for the A6 its going to look something like this. If you were to use a 75/25 split you would have 4 beams at max of 1312Mbps(5250Mbps total downstream max) with a max upstream 437.5Mbps shared among all clients. I hope that makes sense. @DustinS please chime in if I got something wrong.

The mainly thing is how much A6 will be capable to manage noise.

In our case for example we have all tower located on near hills. The distance between hills sometime could be 14-20Km. It’s obviously in many case we have customers away from 5 to 10 Km from a tower.

On 20Mhz we have a acceptable results but I think it will impossible at 40 or more channels spacing. I can’t image at 160 Mhz. More considering 90 degrees beamwidth antenna, it could be worst in our scenario.

Only an anti-noise really good filter could be a way to go.

I think we all will be surprised. Remember the AP has beamforming(4 beams) and 802.11ax. The 802.11ax standard uses OFDMA which can drop noisy resource units to fight noise. When 6GHz opens up you should be able to use 40MHz and 80MHz at the ranges you specify without issue. Just be sure to use a 25 or 30dBi antenna.

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Any official update from Mimosa regarding A6 availability?

my distributor that I preordered from back in january gave me May timeline, then June and now end of July. Im not sure when its coming to market, needs to be soon though or im sure a lot of networks will be going else where. It is summer season in a lot of the main markets right now which is when we need to be deploying new networks and a lot of us will not let this season go by without doing something with equipment from someone

For a while Mimosa people have been saying August, but they have always said that they have been running into an endless storm of delays so don’t set too many hopes and dreams on that.