Upgrading Throughput Simply with the B5c

Drop in a Radio and Go — Mimosa Makes Upgrades Easy


Springnet1 is a full-service internet company founded in 1995. Offering national high-speed internet connections, wireless internet, dial-up internet, as well as website design and hosting. SpringNet chose to upgrade several of their links with Mimosa radios hoping to increase overall network throughput.

One of our locations already had the antennas in place, and we were able to just drop in the Mimosa radio. Watching the link go from 70 Mbps download to 650 Mbps download with just a hardware change was amazing.

However, as their customer base grew, more bandwidth was required. Says Anthony Hopp, Co-Founder of Springnet1, “We are upgrading from WiMAX to LTE and did not want backhauls to be the limiting factor in how much we can provide to subscribers. We had heard about your PtMP and at the time, we were considering a licensed link; but we thought we should at least try your product – the GPS inclusion, Auto Everything, the ability to use one radio across the entire 5 GHz spectrum and then seeing the price point made us decide that Mimosa products at least warranted investigation.”

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