Uploading SSL Certs on B24

Is there a way to upload an SSL Cert onto a B24?

Chrome, and the other browsers, are becoming more annoying with self signed SSL certs. You now have to type “thisisunsafe”, in order for Chrome to let you get to the B24’s web page.

With my other kit, I can upload SSL certs from letsencrypt, but I can’t see a way to do this on the B24s.

Preferably, in a way that this can be scripted, as the letsencrypt SSL certs need regular renewal.

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Which firmware are you running? I have checked my B24 with both Chrome and Firefox and neither gave me issues. (Though I have visited the device with both browsers before)

I don’t think I have turned anything off security wise. Though I am going directly to my devices IP address and not using DNS.

Beyond that, I do not believe there is a way to upload your own security certificate.

I know you know this, but just double checking, are you connecting via HTTP or HTTPS? It won’t matter if you’re using DNS or the IP address, it’s whether or not you’re encrypting that matters.

Yes, I was aware that if you turn off https, Chrome will just connect. Downside is, there is then no encryption during the login, so it violates our security policy.

I’m using the 2.5.4 firmware on the B24, which I have only installed a couple of months ago (our first two Mimosa).

I’m using the latest Chrome (95.0.4638.54), and this started after I updated Chrome (also something our security policy decrees, so I can’t just go back to an older version).

Now when Chrome sees a self signed SSL cert, you still get to select Advanced, but Chrome then just prints a warning. There is no longer an I accept the risk button. That’s where blindly typing “thisisunsafe” acts like the I accept button.

For private networks, we have been using self signed certs, and adding the Cert to the support staff’s browsers. For our publicly accessible kit, we have been using Quovadis Certs, but are moving to letsencrypt.

Ya know what, I was right, I turned off “Enhanced Protection” in Google Chrome, it took me a while to remember that. Dunno if I have done something similar for Firefox. I bet that has something to do with it. I am running the same Chrome version and @Robert18.

I am running 2.5.2 for my B24s. (I know I know, but it’s for my home internet and I never think about updating them when it wouldn’t be inconvenient.)