Using two single polarity antennas on the B5c

I understand that dual polartiy antennas are the norm, but can we use 2 single polarity antennas? I was thinking lets say one H-pol and another V-pol under it. We have a lot of high quality MTIWE 22 and 26dBi flat panels that were used for plain 11A PTP links. Would be nice to use them longer and also save money. We also have some dishes that could be used.

Hi Orjan,

Yes, you can connect the H and V polarizations to separate antennas. There is no requirement that they be connected to the same antenna.

Thanks Chris for answering my question. I figured it would be the case, but had to be sure. Suppose this is the design for Ubiqitis AF5 integrated antennas. Any suggestions on minimum distance separating the antennas? 5,5cm or 11cm maybe?

Hi Orjan,
There is no minimum distance required between the antennas when using single pole antennas with B5c.