Visio Stencils for Mimosa Products

I’d like to get a petition going for Visio Stencils. I think it’s a crucial part of Support and management that investors ask for from there network professionals.

Please Comment to show support.

Thanks for your time and consideration of all the guys behind the public scene.

Why? Visio is not a Mimosa Product and Visio already has Stencils for wireless links and other Networking devices. Admittedly maybe the G2 might be kinda hard to depict, but if you label things properly it shouldn’t be difficult.

I would rather Mimosa spent their time making their products better, not mired in making drawings for various products that duplicate features of their own products. (The Mimosa Cloud Management and Design Tool)

Maybe there is something that I don’t see here (it has happened before and probably will happen again) and maybe Mimosa already has something they can publish so this wouldn’t be a big deal.