VLAN Tagging on A5

In wifi interop mode or gps sync mode is it not possible to pass tagged VLAN’s through an A5?
CPE’s are run an untagged management vlan (which works) but the public IP is delivered via vlan’s tagged on the switch port of the AP’s
so far anything we’ve connected behind the A5 in interop mode doesn’t pass vlan tags.

That would be a big problem for me.

Yes, need to be able to pass a tagged VLAN thru the A5.
Any ideas or comments on that Mimosa Tech Support?

Hi Guys,

We are hard at work to enable this early next week with a firmware hotfix. I’ll post a link to it here when ready.


Great thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Hi, its Friday of the next week. My A5 is getting older by the day just setting there doing nothing. Any word on the VLAN Passthru firmware update?


Matt Carpenter

Hi Matt (and all),

We really did work through the long weekend, and are continuing to work day and night to complete this ASAP. I expect to have a firmware version to share tomorrow for those who need it. This change had broad impact throughout the code so we’re having to complete development and test cycles much faster than normal here. We appreciate your patience, and expect that you would prefer to receive firmware that does not cause more problems than it solves. The extra testing to ensure this is the nature of the short delay.

Thanks Chris, I would like to have that Friday release.


Matt Carpenter

Sent privately to your email address.

New Firmware is working great with the VLAN Passthru!
I have 1 UBNT client connected and 100% working.

Thanks for the quick turn around time!!!

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

Dear Chris,
Good to read that there is a working tagged VLAN enabled firmware!
Is there a signed version? Our Company is on a halt waiting for tagged VLAN to enable our TV service.


Hi Foeke,

Yes, I just emailed it to you. This feature will be included within the next full production release, and with an improved user interface, so this release is targeted for the few people who need the feature immediately.

Thanks a lot! But I’m sorry to say that I didnt get it (also checked my spamfolder :wink: ).

Hi Foeke,

I resent it earlier this morning to your other email addresses.

I’ve recieved it now. Thanks!

Is this firmware for vlans up at the site yet?

Hi Garry,

VLAN passthrough will be a part of the upcoming A5/C5 2.0.2 firmware release which is a few weeks away. Please email support@mimosa.co if you need/want this feature before then.

The current firmware version with this feature (, has a constraint where you can not edit SSIDs while VLAN passthrough turned on. This was to avoid a VLAN tagging conflict that has since been resolved, but the changes are included with other updates that are still in test.

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Hi Chris,

With the release, what changes were made with the CPE in relation to VLAN tagging?
I loaded the new firmware, but not seeing any changes in the GUI.


Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

Hi Matt,

The GUI changes are on the A5. The C5 firmware is required since the A5 and C5 firmware operate together, but there are no GUI changes on the C5.

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Hi Chris,

could you send me the A5 firmware with the VLAN passthrough fix?