Vlan tagging on A5c

My company is currently testing the Mimosa PTMP applications in order to provide rural customers with a better internet experience, however, one thing we are having massive issues with is the VLAN tagging on the A5c. From everything thing I have read, tested, and worked with the tech support folks on, it seems that it can be accomplished in two ways: tag via SSID, or tag via client. I have attempted both directions, with 0 luck. I have left them both sit for about an hour, and rebooted after a change, with no better luck.

I have been told by tech support multiple times to let the cpe router handle the tagging, and have done so in the interest of troubleshooting. As soon as I had the tagging included, everything came up as it should be. However, what I need is for either the C5 or the A5 to tag the traffic for me, not to mention QoS later down the line. If anybody has any wisdom, I will take just about anything at this point.

What do you want to do that needs tagging?

What is your router that you are using?

What kind of QoS are you wanting to do?

Where do you want to do your BandWidth limiting?

The exact order is Gigacenter 844E-1 soho router, running to a Ubiquiti 48v power injector running C5c, to the A5c on tower. From the A5, it runs directly into a Ubiquiti Edge Point S16 outdoor switch. This switch is dropping all vlan 1 / untagged traffic. After manually tagging traffic on the Gigacenter, and moving the A5 SSID to Trunk, instead of CPE, everything sprang to life, and everything works.

All customer traffic running out of the 844E router needs to be tagged with the 750 vlan. QoS can wait another year or so, still migrating from H.248. Bandwidth limiting I would prefer be cone in the C5, but I can live with it being done in the A5, doesn’t actually matter. The biggest issue is that I cannot allow this to move into our production network with the requirement that our end router handles the vlan tagging. Most of our techs work in VERY rural america, and most belive computers, switches, and other magical beasts are run by wizards.

Is all of your customer traffic on VLAN 750? Or will each customer have their own VLAN?

for now, all customers should be on 750.

LOL, we are the same way rural, we basically run everything from the router out for many of our customers because they are almost techno-phobic . It makes for a lot of management, but if someone just has to call to get a question answered they become very attached to our service.

Why not just untag/tag at the switch? If all your customers are on the same VLAN then you will know which port on the switch their traffic is coming to/from.

From my reading of the docs, the AP doesn’t do any tagging/untagging. It expects the packets coming to it to already be tagged (either by the CPE/Customer Router or by your Switch/Router, which makes sense) BTW this is what I am reading: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-ug-networking-vlan-process

As far as QoS, it’s all done out of/on the AP. Personally I prefer to do my Bandwidth limiting at the tower, but to each his own. There are lots of options to meet lots of preferences.

The main issue here is I was wanting to run upwards of 3 vlans per A5c, 1 for management, and two for data vlans, we keep our static IPs and DHCP seperate. It looks like this might be the only option though. And for some reason marketing here likes to run multiple speed packages, so I need every customer bandwidth limited separately. Makes complete sense when your marketing i guess.

I have read http://ap.help.mimosa.co/ap-ug-networking-vlan-process this many times now, and every tech pushes it. It is supposed to be capable of vlan tagging, but obviously isnt. Oh well, I give up on this portion of the exercise, and will move on to the next. Thanks anyway William.

Sorry to not have been any help. But it looks pretty clear the AP doesn’t do the tagging, it just sends the packets to CPE or Routers that have the correct VLAN (depending on the style of VLAN you are run.)

Good luck as you move forward.

We do this by just pushing our vlan tags out from a Netonix switch and Match on the Service WAN Vlan of the 844E.

Netonix switch GUI is pretty straightforward for tagging Vlans on the ports.

The other nice part of having the Netonix is QoS management.

Being that you have UBNT injectors, I’m guessing you are used to Ubiquiti AP and CPE.

You cant do bridging in the A5 or C5 gear. Its a limitation we ran into and just settled with allowing the 844E to deal with it on the customer side.

  • What i don’t like about lack of Bridge configuration is not having the flexibility and also unable to stop a vlan from going to the LAN side of the CPE Radio.
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