Vulnerable to death / management frame manipulation

Hi Mimosa,

Does the A5 have any protection against deauth attacks / manipulation of management frames?


Hi Mimosa,

Any comment on this please?


I asked the same question in a chat and in fact they were surprised by the question in itself.
So far had not had an answer.

When it comes to ‘interop’ mode I am sure they have no protection that works with 3rd party devices. Because it needs some extra proprietary config on the radio’s on both end.
And by there reaction I don’t think they have it on their own product line. All focus goes to TDMA/GPS sync. I’d presume.

I’m curious about this as well. I’ve only had issues with management frame problems (deauth attacks) a couple of times with another vendor’s equipment but if Mimosa has protections against that I would switch those pieces of equipment to Mimosa asap.

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