Warning: Catastrophic Failure when enabling TDMA/GPS!

As many others out there, we backhaul to our towers on 5Ghz.

Enabling TDMA/GPS protocol:

  • Changes to 80mhz channel without user choice
  • Strips out frequency exclusion list
  • Stomps on and kills your backhaul running on 5.7-5.8Ghz

BEWARE before changing!!!

what effects did it have on your network?

Well for one, it brought down the 5Ghz backhaul to the tower that was operating on 5800Mhz, since I’m using an A5 OMNI, it totally killed the backhaul link, basically causing a huge outage!

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Can you explain more in detail what you have been doing?

We backhaul to and from one tower two 5Ghz B5c links and set it to sync (A or B gender) but didn’t see any change in performance. But we also didn’t seen any of the effects you’d refer.

Did you set the A5 to TDMA/GPS protocol and then the backhauls went down? Where these Mimosa backhauls? (B5)

More information is needed to learn from you. Otherwise its not very helpful.

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