Weird figures after heavy rain

Hi, we are running a 45km link with 2 c5c and 31db dishes. We have been happy so far, but last week after a heavy rain we have had important signal losses. I went and checked the alignment, while doing it i remarked that horizontal polarization went one or twice but got back then after.
We still have no success with the performance and a weird part is that c5c at both ends won’t show the same signal values (-62 at one end, -74 at the other end, exact same equipments). How can that be?

Hi Antoine,

May I ask what dish are you using? Thanks

Maybe water in the connectors? Could also be something blocking your signal?

We are using Deltalink dishes, it is a middle eastern brand I think (we are in Turkey), they make good stuff for very decent price.

Yes, after consulting a senior expert here in parallel, he also advised controlling the antenna cables and connectors for water leaks. I will control this point this afternoon. I hope no water has made its way into the antenna itself…
Nothing was blocking the signal, I triple checked it and trimmed some of the trees that were the closest to the los as first precaution.

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Problem solved… Changed antenna cables and c5c with no success, changed the enormous 32db antenna for a 34db rocketdish and the link has never been better before… Water leak into the antenna is our main suspicion…

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