Weird issue with coordinates / Mimosa Cloud

Hi there. Im trying to use Mimosa Cloud management.
With no success.
Some devices are showing on the map, some of them won’t.
Especially i have pair of C5C’s as ptp link, in devices there are proper coordinates, in Cloud they’re not. I tried to edit them manualy there but they constantly coming back over and over again.
I nat’ed the ip addressed, maybe im doing something wrong.

From both devices i can ping and also traceroute to mimosa cloud works properly.

Hi @tomekmak,

Would you please visit with the Mimosa support team? I can guarantee you that they can help you take care of this pretty fast. Support is available starting at 11pm PDT.

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Already did yesterday.
They can’t help at once.
They promised me to create ticket fot this issue.
No ticket so far.

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