What are MIMO 4x4:4 Conditions?

Under what conditions the MIMO 4x4:4 mode which is declared in A5/A5c in datasheets is implemented? I connect C5x clients to A5/A5c and always I see on A5/A5c dashboard only 2 streams. Unclear for what in general the MIMO 4x4:4 mode is declared if it can’t be realized on practice.

The C5x clients are only two stream radios so you’ll never see a 4x MIMO connection on them. Unsure why the datasheet says that as it’s a relic from long ago.

I see, but the question was: what is the situation when A5c/A5c MIMO 4x4 really work with client? What is type of client? I guess, A5c/A5c MIMO 4x4 doesn’t work at all with Mimosa clients.

So 4x4 MIMO is used only to increase the distance in which you can connect clients. Using a 4x4 antenna will give you +3dB of transmit power on the downlink.