What do you think of the B5 firmware 1.2.0?

You’ve started using the B5 firmware 1.2.0, and we hope you’ve had a great experience. In fact, we want to hear about it! Share your experience with the firmware 1.2.0 release in this topic, and we will enter you to win a Mimosa prize pack!


We are using 1.2.0 on our B5 back haul. This link has been amazing since the upgrade. To be honest, I can not swear that it is 1.2.0 firmware that did it. I contacted Mimosa support via chat to look at it. Support asked if they had my permission to update it and optimize it. OMG! The difference is amazing. They tuned the frequency, tuned the power and probably did a magic dance. We have much more available bandwidth, but the reason I say it is amazing is because the customers noticed the difference even though we had plenty of bandwidth with the old settings. Kudos to the entire Mimosa team. The chat support is the best I have ever encountered.


Hi Tony! I wish you could see the grin on my face right now! :grin: I am so happy to hear that our support (and 1.2.0) has made such a positive influence on your experience. Thank you so much for sharing!

We upgraded to 1.2 and it has improved the stability of the connections tremendously. The screens are sharper and more responsive when doing alignments.

One feature request:

  1. When changing frequencies, the new frequencies should show on the spectrum graph before hitting submit. This way you can make sure you are on a frequency with low noise level.

I have mixed emotions about this new firmware…
I miss chatting with the tech support folks…

(1.20 is working rather well, have not had the need to talk to them )


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The new FW is working very well for us. Kudos to your team for fixing the bugs and quickly getting us a more robust solution! I’m looking forward to all the upcoming “top secret” enhancements and to use your product in more places throughout our network. Great job Mimosa team!!!


I miss working with them too! :wink:


@ Elle, is that you holding the cool notebook and mug while sporting a fancy Mimosa shirt? If you’d package those items with new radios, I’d buy more! :smiley:


Indeed! It might be tough to include some new radios, but never say never! :wink:

Whoops, I didn’t say that very clearly did I? I thought it would be a great marketing promotion to get a mug, shirt, and notebook signed by you for every link purchased in the next X months. If you suggest that to Jaime, I’m sure he will give you a raise and say, “what a great promotion and good way to get our name out there!” At least it is worth a try right? :smile:


Haha! :joy: I don’t know how valuable my signature would be, but I am 110% in favor of that proposition! :smile:

Well… we all know how important the marketing people are in a company. Those “executive types” get all the credit and you do all the work. :wink: Jaime and Jay are probably reconsidering my invite to this forum now right? :slight_smile: Once your company becomes world-famous your signature will be worth a lot! That’s why I want to get my signed stuff early–heh.


The firmware upgrade made a HUGE difference in my links… especially one that was very unstable. it would be fine for hours at a time, then drop to nothing… I tried everything… virtually every combo of channels and channel widths. Once I upgrade each radio, I am now rock solid, and getting more throughput @ 2x40Mhz, than I was with 2x80 before… and WAY more solid. This has been upgraded now for 3-4 weeks. Well Done Mimosa!!


Pretty cool @patrick, feedback overall on 1.2.0 has been fantastic, it was a necessary effort by the team here and very glad to see the results of those efforts from people like yourself. I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing with your different links if you’re able to share.

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For us the 1.2.0 firmware was amazing , by performance and stability.
I contact Mimosa support and is very cool.
We upgrade our B5C radios and they are online until now. Online 99.999% of time.
Amazing radios.
Tks Elle.

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Let´s sharing our results with 1.2.0.Firmware… :grinning:

Previous firmware:
PTP 5.1km Backhaul (Metropolitan Area)

Signal: -55 /-58 variable
TDMA Windows: 8ms
Gender - Traffic Split: 50/50
Bandwith: 450Mbps aggregate
2 X 40mhz channels

After the Upgrade…

Firmware 1.2.0
Signal: -47/-48 dbm (stable)
TDMA Window: 2ms
Gender - Traffic Split: 50/50
Bandwith: 679Mbps aggregate

Channel: 2 X 80mhz channels
Link Availability: 99.997%

That´s a really performance Link . Never Stop, a ruge bandwith and stable.

IT´s Big, It´s Mimosa B5C !!

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Actual signal on site B…

Best regards.