What frequency is open on C5x out of the box in USA?

I need to replace our Ubiquity radios. They are all 5Ghz and the interference over the years has become unbearable, bringing our speeds down to a crawl.

I am looking at the C5x for these P2P links. I have a feeling the 4 and 6Ghz area is clear. My question then is are these frequencies available out of the box or do I need to do the whole FCC/coordination thing?

thank you much

The newly opened 6 GHz band is not yet available on the C5x for unlicensed use in the USA.

Here is a picture of a C5x in the US. The red areas are not permitted for unlicensed use in the US and the gray area is an automatic DFS block (even though it says Manual Exclusion) that may or may not exist in your area.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. You just saved me a ton of time I already don’t have enough of.

Unfortunately without the edges open I don’t see it being a viable option for us. It’s a community web cam site and we don’t have thousands to pay for licenses. Right in the middle of downtown and navy. errr Open to ideas. 2.4 and 5Ghz unusable.

I’d have to double check, but I think Ubiquiti has some 60 GHz radios. This band is unlicensed, but at that frequency, it’s extremely important to have a completely clear line of sight.

Thank you I will explore. The one thing I do have is a clear line of sight. One of the locations can see out for miles, it’s pretty awesome. Max distance is about 5 miles

thanks again!

How far of a link do you need?

If you are dealing with lots of noise then there are a few different options available and the better option will depend on your budget and the link conditions.

Licensed is out of the question, not a boatload of money to throw at the problem.

6GHz won’t be available for Mimosa radios for a while yet and I would be surprised if the C5x in PTP mode ever gets it.

4.9GHz technically, I think, is still an option for you, but you will have to get a permission slip from you local safety coordinator (normally every town has someone who’s job is that). Here are some of the conversations I have participated in regarding 4.9 GHz. (Then you show your permission slip to Mimosa and they will enable unlocking your C5x radios for Unlicensed use)

Personally I would lean towards the new B5x or a B5c radio combined with RF Elements Ultra Horn. It’s more costly, but it is a great antenna for high noise areas. You might even be good to use the link in normal 5 GHz land and be fine.

Ubiquiti has their AirFiber 60 LR which has gotten pretty popular in the last few months. It is pretty cost effective, but I would not push it much further then a mile and a half from the reports of rain fade. If you don’t really care about your cameras going down in heavy rain then it might be a perfect option for you. Mikrotik has their own 60 GHz line and it’s a little bit cheaper, but the UI isn’t as nice, if you are familiar with Mikrotik though I would lean this way, same distance limitations)

The Mimosa B24 is another option, it will do fine on a 20 MHz wide channel at 2 miles in rain. It would be pretty pricey and would not be my first choice unfortunately. Though if you will need lots of links you might want to take a second look at it. (I am actually a pretty big fan of it and it’s what feeds my own house internet over a mile shot)

2.4 GHz isn’t really an option in my opinion, the noise is even worse then 5 GHz and there are even fewer options for isolating antennas.

Technically there is 70/80 GHz, which are what are called “lite licensed”. They will be a pretty expensive option, but maybe a company like Aviat might cut you a deal. No promises, but their guys are all cool. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

I have a ring setup over San Diego Bay. The farthest link is about 6 miles.

I emailed the fcc person at the city. Maybe they will give permission. Worth a shot. I really wanted to try mimosa but seems like I got to go with the Ubiquity 60Ghz. But fog is a problem, it gets foggy out there! errr which is why i was looking at these, I figured 4.9 and 6 would be great with fog.

Please tell me about antennas to get through noisy environments. I have 20gb dishes on now. Ubiquity nano bridge. I liked the modular design of th c5x and the cost. The site is community funded = money is always tight.

I have the first pair of c5x with 20gb antennas out for delivery. errr. It’s urgent, I can see the noise on 5ghz pick up daily, it’s crazy. It has worked great for years. And that is part of my problem, if I don’t get to mimosa this time around, it will be a few years before I do and I really wanted to check them out.

thank you for all this help. i appreciate it.

not sure why I missed your recommendation of the RF Elements Ultra Horn. Thank you. I will check this out!

Good luck. TBH, on a short budget your options are going to be tight and none of them would be optimal. You may have to mix and match options depending on the link length and how much cash you have to work with.

are you aware of a similar antenna that will work with the c5x? Looking to save costs on the radio…

thank you!

RF Elements is supposed to be making an adapter for the C5x to their Twist Port system. Dunno on the status on that, but I will be asking them at Wispapalooza.

You could go for the C5c which already has an adapter (the C5x is mostly just a repackaged C5c, supposedly there’s a little bit of difference, but I have not seen anything significant)

If you are on a time limit and don’t want to play with the C5c. Ubiquiti has their Iso Station which is similar and also has an adapter available from RF Elements. airMAX IsoStation AC 5 GHz Bridge – Ubiquiti Inc. (That said, I am not their biggest fan, so I am only mentioning it to be giving you the largest option set.)

If you might be going Ubiquiti then I would seriously recommend looking at their AirFiber 5XHD and see if you could fit it into your budget.

I asked RF elements if they had an adapter for the C5x. They said:

Yes, We do. The TPA-C5x is the adapter for the C5x radio. We also have an adapter for the A5x (TPA-A5x) and the C5c (TP-ADAP-C5c). Let me know if you have any other questions.

I may stick with the C5x with the better antenna short term and then switch the frequency when it’s available. Not sure yet but seems to be a cost efficient way to do this.

Didn’t realize it was out. Been busy, knew they were working on it, but that’s cool to know. Thanks @Barry1