What happened here - B5

I suddenly have no spectrum graph and no RX noise indication on my B5 access point. Link is still performing normal.
Station end is normal.

What is the problem?

Here is the signal / noise graph on the cloud:

I am going to power cycle this evening. Hopefully graph comes back.

Did a re-boot and all is back to normal.
Hardware issue?
Firmware issue?


Looking back on the Cloud graph, I noticed that the time it failed was when we had a thunderstorm in the area. Normally this B5 used to reboot when there was a storm in the area. This behaviour has stopped after I replaced the POE injector.
This B5 is grounded, and connected via 300’ shielded CAT6 cable.

Guess the storm caused the spectrum cpu to loose its marbles somehow.
Glad it is back to normal.

Firmware issue. It is rare, but the spectrum analyzer process stopped and could not be restarted. Spectrum data is used to determine the noise value (thermal + interference). Rebooting clears the memory and restarts the process.