What is Mimosa's C5c PoE Mode?

Hello everyone, my original Mimosa C5c PoE was bricked due to fluctuation in Power because of a strong lightning (*the radio-antenna was not hit). I did a research and found in this forum that Ubiquiti PoE should work well with C5c. However when I tested the Ubiquiti POE-24-24W-G-WH it is not working and the PoE’s LED is only blinking. C5c is not turning on, no lights, basically no power.

I did research and found out that there are 2 modes for PoE , Mode A and Mode B.
Upon comparing the Original Mimosa C5c to Ubiquiti PoE I noticed these information
Original C5c PoE *(bricked) = +(1,2) (4,5)pins, -(3,6) (7,8) pins = Mode A
POE-24-24W-G-WH = +(4,5)pins , -(7,8)pins = Mode B

However, when I researched the Datasheet PoE for C5c it says it is in mode B, (4,5) is 24v while (7,8) are ground.

My question is can i use the Ubiquti POE-24-24W-G-WH (Mode B) as a replacement for the bricked PoE? or should i buy another PoE with the same Mode *(Mode A) as the original C5c PoE.

I’m just troubleshooting on PoE side first and I do hope the radio is OK tho. Didn’t tested it yet with a Mode A PoE. I opened the Radio and everything seems fine, no signs of burned and fried chips.

Thanks for all your replies.

Charlie, UBNT POE is 24 V Mimosa POE is 48, that is your issue.

Hello Dusan, the Original C5c PoE was 24.0V , and Ubiq PoE was also 24V.

If Poe Led turns off and on the Quickly. C5c means short circuit

Sounds like something is Shorted inside C5c, I just tested it with the same PoE from my another C5c, the PoE wont give power to the Radio.

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