What is the best way to handle radios on the cloud that are moved around

We do a lot of temporary setups. PTP radios that might be connected for a few days or a couple of months. They then get taken down and moved somewhere else. When they get moved they are on a different subnet and frequently don’t come up on the cloud.

When a radio comes down, is the best way to handle that delete it from the cloud and hope it comes back up or to leave it on the cloud and when it gets moved, it might come up on the cloud using the “turn management option on the radio”.

And then I have clients that might be off for 6 months. If I delete them off the cloud, will they automatically come back up when they are powered on?

Interested as well. I have a couple PtP radios that I deployed, took down, moved and brought back up but they cloud does not think they all exist.

Deleting a radio from a network prevents it from reconnecting to the cloud in the future, but it doesn’t affect the radio’s ability to operate.

You can always add the radio back to your network by going through the unlock process again on the cloud, but skip the part where you enter the unlock code on the radio since it is already unlocked. The unlock process just reassociates the serial number with your network so that when the radio connects to the cloud, the data ends up in the right network.

Another way to temporarily hide a radio that is not in use, so that it isn’t a visual nuisance, is to create a new network under your same account, name it something like “decommissioned”, and then move those radios from your active network into it for holding.

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What I’m trying to understand though, is if we move a radio to another IP scheme, shouldn’t it come up on the cloud with all the new information that has been changed on the radio without having to reregister it?

If a radio configuration changes, it should update on the cloud. If for some reason you see stale data on the screen, click the refresh button to retrieve and update the configuration.

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