What is the distance max for A5 with C5c client

i’m waiting a5 and c5
and i need to know what is the distance from ap to regular client c5
a5-360 with client with good speed ± 25mb on 20mhz
when i’m using ubiquiti 1x rocketm5 ap with 360 omni for 4w ap the maximum distance with nanom5 are 3km for -70dbm link
with mimosa what the good distance for good link
with ubiquiti the client require -70dbm because i’m area with lot of snow

i don’t look any about test on this product!!!

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I have the same question. But for all A5* and C5* models.
We have low density rural client base. we now use 3 - 120’s on 2.4 Ghz for up to 10 miles.
Even at that the 3 sectors combined may only have 20 to 30 clients.
We would like to go to 4 - 90’s 5 ghz when upgrading the towers.
We would like higher capacity 2.4 equipment for our purposes but nothing new is
really being made in 2.4 Ghz.

These installations don’t justify the ~$7000 for A5C and KP performance antenna cluster.
What is the long range solution for the smaller towers but scaled to 20 to 30 client at 10 miles?

So I’ll put up some info an the A5-14 versus the A5-18 that we posted a couple of weeks back:

For the A5c, we have antenna manufacturers working on 90 and 120 degree options as well. We have no “physical” limit in our protocols on the distance for A5c and C5c and propagation delay, we have folks interested in 10-20 miles in some cases. Although the real question for such long distances is a practical client limit to avoid airtime utilization capacity getting swamped by propagation delays. I’ll see if we can get you a practical answer on that kind of capacity.

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Can the A5-18 be expected to work like 4 90 degree sectors with same down tilt?
I need a comparison for what I am used to with 2x2 MIMO
ie Rocket M5’s and UBNT sectors.
Similiar distance to horizon?
Like I mentioned client capacity will not be an issue on these towers and
maximum bandwidth doesn’t have to be the 100 meg just 10 to 20 meg
at some max distance.

When is an A5c 90 or 120 degree solution expected?
ie when will antenna be available?

I too am interested in 120 degree sectors. I am testing an A5 out and migrated 10 of my customers over using Cambium Force 180 and 200 gear with fantastic results. I have C5’s but I’m not able to get them to play nice with the Cambium gear, however the support here has blown me away with the way they have worked with me and sent me a hotfix to test out. My goal is to get off the Cambium gear by the end of the year, with the results I’m getting so far It’s looking hopeful

@Chris @Jaime What’s the furthest you would utilize the C5 radios with A5c/KP sectors? (not the C5c’s) If we went with C5c’s what’s a recommended dish to use with them? We need to have clients 2,500-3,000 ft out in some cases, are the regular C5’s okay in that case?

Standard C5’s would work with A5c/KP at 2500-3000 feet, provided that there are no factors that dramatically reduce SNR (lots of trees or heavy interference). The answer here quickly turns into an SNR modeling exercise with consideration for your throughput expectations. Some users are happy with lower performance on longer links spanning several miles in quiet rural areas.

For the best performance, all clients should have similar Rx power at the AP, and it should be high enough to squelch out noise with AGC without dropping the weakest client. Better to have them all come in hot, and at the same level if possible.

The C5c has RP SMA connectors, so there many existing 5 GHz antennas that would work…parabolic, patch, etc. depending on gain and aesthetic requirements. I’d like to hear from the community what antennas they use for other connectorized clients (don’t be shy - you can use other manufacturer’s names). :slight_smile:

Currently I have two clients on an A5C in a very rural environment. Both of these clients are within .3 miles of the A5c. I have tested an A5c/C5 link at 6.45 miles with sufficient dl and ul for our speed packages. This sector will probably never get more than 10-15 clients. I’ve been told that my near clients will suffer from the airtime useage taking care of the client at a distance. Our speed packages do not exceed 10 mbs down. How much do you think the closer clients will suffer because of the distant client?

I’m getting conflicting reports about what kind of range is possible with an A5c and a C5 - the above Mimosa rep says 3000 feet but Stephen2 in the above post notes over 6 miles is possible with low enough DL/UL speeds. Assuming low interference (such as over water and yes, avoiding reflection), which is the more realistic estimate? We’re trying to decide if the C5 can do this or if we need to switch to a C5c with our comparably low DL/UL (10mbps dwn/3mbps up).

Your mileage may vary, as you can see we go out to 7 miles, C5 for most customers 4 miles and below, though 3.5 and up you will begin to need C5c with a good antenna. We have pushed +100 Mbps to the 7 mile customer in tests, though that was a fairly quite time. All the customers are on 10M to 25M on the download and there have not been many issues. To customers below 4 miles we have easily hit +300 in tests and the sector will be around 20-30 during peak times. Low ping, plenty of gamers who are enjoying the speeds.


What is a low cost antenna that would be comparable to the ubnt powerbeam m400? Any Recommendations?

We use the “Ubiquiti: 5GHz airFiberX Dish 23dBi Slant 45” not really “cheap”, but performs really well, already has the connectors for the C5c and is cheaper then most comparable units. We tried flat panel antennas, but the one we used did not perform very well.

For what you are looking for I would check your distributor for ~25dBm 2x2 Dish Antenna with RP-SMA connectors. I would avoid using adapter cables, you start loosing dBm in them and it is really easy to find yourself going over legal EIRP.

Another suggestion is to model your proposed PTMP network in the Mimosa Design tool, which is available free of charge, http://design.mimosa.co

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I regret to have to remove my recomendation for the airFiberx Dish. I should have seen it in the name, but I never paid any attention and it is biting us in the but for it. The 45 degree slant on these dishes is not adjustable and you loos 3-7 dB with it, great for cutting out noise from sectors in your area, but horrible if you want to connect it to a sector.

We are testing out http://www.altelix.com/Ubiquiti-Mimosa-Mikrotik-23dBi-Dish-Antenna-5GHz-p/ad5g23m2.htm and are hopeful that these will perform well and be able to work as a cheap dish for C5c radios.