What is the realistic range of an A5C with N5 sectors

Trying to evaluate a network I inherited. What is the realistic max range on an A5C with N5 sectors? Assuming legal EIRP limits are set of course.

Depends on your noise, very much.

The Mimosa Design Tool that you have access to through your account I have found to be rather conservative in it’s estimates. I have seen anywhere between 1-5 dB better signals in real life then what is estimated there, so if you want to get a good idea of what your equipment “should” be seeing then that is where I would go.

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Thank you! Much appreciated on the feedback. New to Mimosa and trying to sort it all out. So much fun!

I agree use the tool, but if you can get good clean air and Fresnel zone setup they are really nice… Here is a sample from my ‘long range cell’ @350 ft with pair of N5-45x2 making 90’ arc

All clients are C5x with 20 dbi dish

I am slowing making more and more micro pop’s just a demo of this does work if you take everything into account.

Ya, I get you.

It’s good equipment, isn’t magic in any way shape or form.

If you run into issues feel free to post your questions