What mount do you use for C5's?

Hey guys,

What mounts are you using for C5 installs on a wall? Seems there’s a lack of a good articulating solution like the RFE brackets. The J and FlexiMounts are ok if you have a wall facing your AP, but not if it’s off at an angle.


We are using only the J and Flexi mounts and have had no problems adapting to any situation. Especially the J mount, it adjusts for nearly any situation.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll check it out.

The other thing that we done, was built a plate, bent to the angle that we wanted from the wall. Then we mounted the J mount on that. Gave us the exact angle we were looking for.

We found that the J mounts were a little too large for some applications, yet the flexi-mounts didn’t allow room to articulate the C5, so our supplier Business Systems (www.bizsystems.com) told me about what he calls the “L” bracket. It mounts flush against a wall and sticks straight out about 8 inches, with a vertical post about 6 - 8" tall for mounting the C-5. They aren’t expensive either. Just contact Neal at Business Systems and tell him you want an “L” bracket like what he sends Taneynet Broadband, and I guarantee you’ll like it.

I believe their website is Business System Connections. It’s who I use as well.