What's New in Cloud Management?

Whats New in the Network Management System

Here at Mimosa we are always listening to your feedback and working hard to enhance your experience with our Cloud Management System. We added a few new features and improved some popular tools that we think you’ll be excited about!

For example, we know from our test network that the firmware updates can cumbersome and cause inconvenient network outages. Thus, we developed a parallel firmware upgrade feature. We also worked on improving new device discovery and on-boarding, simplifying naming of devices and managing device topology. Additionally, you will notice an improved User Accounts and Network Settings Page, making it easier to manage your account and share your network with your co-workers.

Bulk Firmware Updates

We have added even more functionality to our bulk firmware update tool!

  1. Set the order in which you want the devices to be updated.
  2. Choose to perform a parallel upgrade, this will upload the new firmware to all devices simultaneously, and reboot all the selected devices at the same time, on successful upload. Significantly reducing network wide downtime.
  3. Choose to get notified on upgrade success or failure.

New Feature: Device On-boarding

With the upcoming launch of the B5-Lite, it became important for us to onboard newly discovered devices. You are now able to quickly add a device friendly name, set your device topology and set a location for a non gps enabled device using an Address, Lat/Lon or just drag and drop a pin on the map.

New Feature: Point to Point Link Page

We also launched a new Point to Point Link page to quickly see your TDMA settings for all of your Mimosa backhauls in one location. You can use this page to quickly see link status, and make sure your TDMA wireless settings are in alignment. Read the white paper on Co-location

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