What's new in Firmware Version

New Release: v2.8.0.3 - Oct 12 2020 02:36 PM (ART)

There is no information about it?

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Seeing as it’s a very small firmware change, I would guess it’s related to changing legal requirements around the world…


Correct. It is a regulatory change for certain countries. Let me check with support and see about release notes.

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If there is a change, they must report no matter how minimal it is. They did not remove the previous version (v2.8.0.2), therefore I do not think it is a simple change.

I just upgraded a C5c PTP link from and for some reason after the upgrade the link decided to come up on a different channel. I checked logs and no RADAR/DFS indication.

Not trying to hijack the thread, just more so a heads-up that there may be some more significant changes, or possible issues in this build.

They’ve put out release notes, but all they’re saying is “regulatory change.” For which country? The last one stated it was for Turkey. If for the USA, then what sort of reaction can we expect out of the equipment after the update?

Saludo una pregunta tengo b5c cuando le pongo 75/25 no al diferencia alguna

En realidad por código fuente es 70/30, pero el gui grafico hace creer que es 75/25, no vas a ver diferencias a no ser que estés traficando y tengas buenas estadísticas de conexión.

@Daniel2 Exactly, that’s why I opened this thread. The changelogs are already updated.

Yep. Using the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” why would we upgrade if we don’t know why? Since it doesn’t say where this regulatory change was made for, it may not even apply to us. Why take the risk (yes, low, but still a risk) for something that may not even apply?

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I think that’s the worst firmware release

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I notice also says that it’s just a regulatory change, without saying where. Can we please get a list of countries impacted? And given the very complex rules in the USA, if it does impact us, please give us a little more detail.

Currently, the only working firmware is v2.8.0.1. Updates to new versions were not good, stability and signal problems.