Whats New in Network Design?

We recently launched a few new Point to Point planning features for you!

We we have added the ability to add Custom Point 2 Point Radios, these allow you design radios in any frequency and see your calculated rain loss based your location, frequency and link distance! Additionally we have launched an improved detailed path profile view so you can.

Custom Radios Templates:

Want to model other Point to Point radios in our network design tool in any frequency?

Add Other Radio Templates to your Network!

  • From the left hand navigation select User Preferences, Custom Radio’s.
  • Click Add Custom Template.
  • Complete the Custom Template form and Save your new template with a Brand and Model.
  • Open the Point to Point link planner and select your new template for the radio selection dropdown.

Detailed Path Profiles:

Would you like to see a bigger more detailed view of the bath profile for your existing or new link? Use the new Detailed Path profile viewer in the network design tool. To access this new tool open an existing link or Create a new Point to Point Link. Click the Path Analysis Button, this will open the new path profile below.

A great tool to design the links of any capacity . I use this tool and accuracy is very high . extremely reliable and very useful .

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The Design tool is great and just started using it to look at some possible link locations. With the A5’s launching soon, will there be a point to multi-point option in the design tool to plan out a coverage area from a single A5 so we can determine the number of B5’s that might be needed to carry backhaul. It would be very helpful is trying to cover a rural area with broadband to homes.

Thank you.

If B5c PTMP would be available would there also be a network design tool for it? I am designing to use B5c connected to an omni antenna . Please let me know what you guys think.