What's the max L2MTU and MTU for B5c product?

To know if we can pass all mpls tag, tunneling and vlan tag we need to know waht the max l2mtu and mtu…
can you provide these value?

B5C MTU is 3200. The usual caveats apply when passing vlan tags. (Highest single-VLAN MTU would be 3196.)

Can we suggest that this be raised? 1500 is typical for a consumer end-user link, but backbone links have to carry multiple levels of encapsulation (Q-in-Q, IP-over-IP, etc.) that get added along the way. The B5 is a backbone radio and should be able to fit into backbone applications. This can be a show stopper in some sites. (1998 is our norm, but we can live with 1700.)

Were you able to verify the 3200 bytes L2MTU? It seems to depend on link performance / actual MCS value…

Reading from here so what modes and modulation support jubo frames?