Where is tech support?

I’m not getting any replies to any of my support cases. Not a good way to keep customers… I have radios that are somehow locked to 100Mb and we can no longer use G2 to talk to any radios. What is going on!? Someone needs to show they care about their customers by replying to my emails. I’ve been waiting for months on the first one.

Case # 00095246
Case # 00100243

Can’t help you much with the G2, I never ran them in my network and they are a discontinued product from my understanding (I am just a shmuck here on the forums, so don’t take my word for it)

But the radios side I might have a couple ideas. What firmware are you running and which C5# device are you seeing this on? Also, are the C5# devices running in PTP or PTMP?


Hi William,

Thank you for your emails this morning. I appreciate it. They were very helpful. Jeff Jones should be reaching out to you very soon, if he hasn’t already. Please let me know how it goes.