Which best dish use it with mimosa b5c

i need any one test best type of dish and any one give me which feed use in dish unbt
in this photo

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We use Jirous dishes on all our backhauls. We use both the JRC-29 EX MIMO and the JRC-32 DuplEX - 32dBi MIMO. We have been very happy with the B5c units on these dishes. Very noticeable improvement over the dishes we previously used on all our links. Kind of like going from a Kia to a BMW. :wink:

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We’d use Jirious too. Very good antenas. Maybe the best in their market…

We use the UBNT RD-34 dishes with RF Armor on them ! They work great for long haul !

AND suggest you use the 45 degree slant feedhorns on them! Cuts down both the local WiFi crap, and stops some of the “thermos” that you get on the paths !