Why does only the C5c support PTP (and not the C5)?

Is there a reason that only the C5c supports PTP and not the regular C5? We need to make a short bridge to a building no more than 50 feet apart from one another; being able to just throw up two C5’s that we already have dozens of is much more convenient than having to order another set of B5-lite’s.

Hi Christopher,

The software release branches are completely different (1.4.x PTP vs 2.3.x PTMP). They may converge at some point in the future, but not anytime soon.

Although these two products share a common name “C5”, their hardware designs are different, so there is some work to do in software to make them behave the same. Right now, we’re more focused on mainstream feature development, such as automated provisioning, for Access and Client products.

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Are you suggesting the C5c PTP firmware is fundamentally the same as the other PTP firmware? Can the C5c be connected to a B5-Lite?