Why is the Mimosa APP dead? - Please fix it! (Fix the APP)

So, the mimosa APP is DEAD. Mimosa says that they do not seem to want to bring it back to life.

My experience is that the APP will unlock and upload a firmware to a radio - however the version is out of date as you can not download the latest version to the APP any longer.

When we started deploying wireless we where sold on the Mimosa platform partly (largely) because of the APP - Having installers hop up a ladder, install the mount, power the radio, get the APP started on un-locking and installing firmware on the radio. While that process is doing its thing we got our installers trained to then start their cable runs, take a pause and complete the APP install process.

Now comes the MOST IMPORTANT and useful feature of the APP - Aiming the antenna.

I have to say - we would deal with all the other stuff I just described with a laptop on the ground - but the APP was (is) really good / useful when aiming the antenna - it is INVALUABLE.
The web interface sucks for aiming!
Now having said that if it had a feature like the B24’s with an aiming “mode” - it may be more usable.

I have on occasion been able to “trick” the APP into working - but the loop that is present now makes it unusable.

The loop I speak of is this: once a radio is unlocked and firmware updated when you try to use the APP it wants you to “update the firmware” - You can cancel, update to the same version etc -but when you come back to the same area - it wants you to update the firmware again!

Not using the APP makes our installers take more time to install / call into the office more often for help etc. We have had two laptops dropped off the roof. If you drop a phone it may survive - but generally not a laptop. Phones are cheaper than laptops!

Please, Please, FIX the APP!

I am at the point where I am considering moving us to another product all together as there are devices that have an APP that actually works.

This is hard for us as we are happy with Mimosa - but the app not working makes me re-think if the A6 will be worth it without this valuable tool.

Hate to go all ranty here about this - but the community needs to speak up if others feel the same way.

Yea, the G2 was cool(when it came out) but kinda “meh” and the APP seems to be centered around that - so why not re-do it? Airspan has to get onboard or risk not keeping the market share that they can have if they put some effort into it.


Search the posts and you’ll see where I and others have said the same thing. Sadly, you are wasting your time. I have tried for Years to get them to understand how important it is. They don’t care for some reason. Their opinion is more importation than ours. You’ll never get them to care. We had to switch companies just so we didn’t waist so much time and money trying to install Mimosa anymore. We even asked for the code to the app so we could make it work and they said no. Other companies do care and have made theirs super easy to install with just your phone. You can’t always use a laptop. And when you are in areas with no cell signal you can’t do anything at all to install Mimosa. Again, they have proven for YEARS that they don’t care.

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This is such a shame - I will say that the tech’s seem to care - but they may not be allowed to be more forthcoming with more info about if / when this APP will be updated / fixed.

Is not the point to be able to install in an area with no Cell service / no Internet service?

We (as ISP’s) are trying to deploy broadband to peoples homes!

Any tool that can make that easier will only help a company like Mimosa - as more installs means more buying of a product.