Wifi in C5's and A5

Do the latest versions of the product still put out a WIFI signal? If I were to put an A5 in the middle of a 3 acre cabin development with 30 to 40 houses and put a C5 on top of 1/3 of the cabins would the WIFI from the A5 and the C5’s be sufficient to provide wifi to all the houses?

Would you mind posting a picture of what you mean?

The issue is going to be less so much that the A5 can reach the whole area (it should), but if the various devices can talk back to it. At a certain point you just will have too low a signal to noise ratio for smaller devices like phones to connect.

The other issue will be hidden node problems (where some devices cannot hear other devices on the network and will transmit over each other) Non-controlled devices like cellphones and laptops will not easily allow you to set their RTS to ‘0’ which is how you can do large area deployments of devices without using lots of APs.

A google maps picture of the area and a simple drawing of what you are trying to do would help a lot in figuring out if what you are doing is going to cause you more grief then benefit.

If I understand you well you want to have one A5 communicating with a bunch of C5’s in the 5Ghz and hope that the 2,4Ghz “Wifi” from these units are enough to cover the rest of the dwellings?
Don’t think so.
First of all they will start interfering with each other in the outdoor environment.
Indoors the signals will be too weak to really be useful.
Also, I believe the Wifi in the AP’s are only allowed to have one client associated. (Or is this changed over time?)

The build in 2,4Ghz wifi in both the A5 as the C5’s is weak and basically only mend for management purpose.
We once asked if we could use the A5 in this scenario to work as a hotspot and the answer was “No” because only one device allowed…

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