Will B5 serve the purpose?

Hi, Im currently delivering broadband and dedicated internet connections to my customers wirelessly, so my setup is AP and CPE and I offer packages like 1,2,3,4Mbps plans only.

Now, Im planning to connect all the major society apartments with a p2p from my towers, so that I can offer the customers inside one society , plans like 10,20,30,50Mbps plans, and from one single device.

So, the plan is, lets say there is an apartment with 50 families.
I will install a small pole on the apartment terrace with one B5.
And another B5 will be installed on my office tower side.
So, both B5 gets connected.
And the apartment side B5, goes to a switch, then each port from that switch goes into each family door enclosure.
So, can I rely on B5 for this ?
Can it handle ?

Lets say, 50 customers and each customer using like average 10-20Mbps all the time.

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Hi Soam,
use the mimosa planning tools to calculate the expected bandwidth. So you can estimate the available capacity at the sites. You unlikely see all your customers using 20Mbit all the time so you will need less bandwidth. You will need some mechanism to separate your customer from each other. So you might use vlans ore pppoe.
B5 is the product to go for your purpose. If capacity of b5 is not enough you have to use licensed links which are much more expensive. Find a good mounting point to have good LOS.


Yes LOS is great!
How do you rate B5 above Air Fiber ?
I see pricing is same, just I need to justify my consultant that we want to go with B5 and not Air Fiber.

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I have no Airfiber so I cant give a good answer. I have heard good and bad things with airfiber. I dont like UBNT Products due to their approach to quality. On the wireless side the Airfibers are very good from what I have heard. We tested UBNT products once and there was a big difference between announcement and what we get. The Gear we tested was not able to run legaly in our country while promised to. They sell gear with GPS which does not work (the Airfiber GPS is reported to work). So you might be happy or disapointed or anything between …

I have tried the AF5x but I am upgrading all my old Rocket links with Mimosa. The GPS sync works very will with Mimosa. You can use up to 4 different links all on the same channels. When I attempted to do this with AF5x the units took a performance hit after each link I put up. I was told my orientation wasn’t good on my dishes. I swapped the units out with B5cs and haven’t had issues.

@Soam How far is your link your thinking about putting up?


@Kent Im gaining more confidence now, reading your views!
Well, I have 5-6 links to make.
Currently, one link is 30km and I need to have a throughput of 150Mbps to the other point.
How do you suggest to go Mimosa way ?

In our country it would not work. With ETSI regulations I would have to install giant dishes to overcome the low power allowed. Do your calculations.

@Stefan Whch country are you from ?
And what ETSI regulations you have ?

Germany. 1W EiRP in 5,6 and 4W EiRP in 5,8. Much less usable spectrum than US.