Will changing frequency on one chain bring down the link?

We just installed a set of B5 radios and have been pretty happy with performance using 2x40. We wanted to see what the link was capable of doing when trying 2x80. One of the frequencies is poor and would like to change it, but was concerned that it might bring down the whole link. Will it???

Hey Kris! From my understanding and experience with Mimosa if you are on 2X40 and you just change 1 of the 2 selected channels the link will not disconnect. If you are wanting to go from 2X40 to 2X80 than that would be considered changing both which would cause the link to disconnect for a short amount of time and reconnect. Also if you are using dfs channels keep in mind it will take those channels longer to reconnect. Even with the backhaul disconnecting the reconnect time is very short usually under a minute which most users will not notice. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info. Also, have you had any experience with DFS channels getting radar knocks?? If so, what is the behavior to expect from radio if there is DFS interference??

Kris, there is a explanation of the DFS functionality on our help site at this link:


The important thing to know about DFS is that went the radio switches to a DFS channel, it will listen for 60 seconds before transmitting.