Wireless CCTV is possible with NetPoint and Mimosa Networks

In these times where technological advances have forced us to choose better options to provide security solutions in private areas but especially to improve the quality of public services, it is no secret that there are systems with poor management but no product is bad if there are no solutions that are not suitable for very specific sectors. An example of them are the brands Mimosa and NetPoint who have achieved a fusion in quality and stability providing the best solutions in connectivity and video surveillance aimed at a good profitable investment. In addition to Hikvision’s specialized solutions in facial recognition, vehicle tracking and discreet designs have positioned one of the largest technological solutions in the world, however all these solutions cannot work without having an efficient connection backup for data processing as NetPoint and Mimosa provides stability through internet links as backup of main networks are the clear example in efficiency in the handling and management of security in these times.

Latency is the main challenge

Undoubtedly 5 seconds of latency means literally life or death for some, and we at NetPoint and Mimosa understand this so that there is an excellent video fluency in a camera that can avoid headaches for the authorities.

“The future is bright” these are the words of Sheriff Jesus Manuel Garcia Meza of the City of Los Cabos in Baja California in Mexico today the safest tourist destination in Mexico.

“I have more than 17 years of work experience and I have observed that video security is a strategic tool for the police force to exercise surveillance. With the introduction of this security system, Los Cabos became one of the leading cities in the use of the latest connectivity and digital technologies to ensure public safety and create a favourable environment for the lives of citizens” Mimosa and NetPoint have given us the dream connection today "The C2, which is the core of Public Safety, leverages the technologies applied to integrate key aspects such as 911 emergency calls, geolocation, voice, data and video, which improves the ability to respond to threats. This allows us to make decisions in record time in the event of an emergency, with reliable baseline information.

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A golden integrator

Undoubtedly the best ally of public security and a brand is an integrator that has the expertise to handle products such as Mimosa and Netpoint who is Eagle Videos is a team of professionals specialised in security and communications technology. in security and communications technology. We focus our efforts to provide solutions and optimise resources to make our clients’ companies

Meanwhile, Juan Estrella, Director of Operations at EagleVideoMX, Hikvision’s business partner. of EagleVideoMX, business partner of NetPoint, Mimosa and Hikvision, said: "We are very pleased to be part of this ambitious project in one of the most important tourist destinations in our country. this ambitious project in one of the most important tourist destinations in our country. The use of an integrated security system with Hikvision, NetPoint and Mimosa communications technology enables prompt action for the C2 to provide immediate protection to millions of people, reduce material losses, and reduce the number of people affected. people, reduce material and economic losses, and maintain economic losses, and maintain security and confidence in this city.

We will continue to rely on Mimosa Neworks, NetPoint and Hikvision for our future projects of more than 1000 new joint links.

We will continue to provide feedback to our entire community about this great project.