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Hi are there any WISP consultants anyone could reccomend? I am willing to pay for both advice and education.

What are you looking for specifically? General questions, here on the forums you can get a lot of questions answered. Mimosa’s documentation is also pretty top of the line, so if you can take the time a lot more of your questions can be answered there. The only real shortcoming is routing/switching stuff, but there are so many different resources out there for those things.

There are plenty of consultants on Facebook, I would recommend the WispTalk group. If you are looking for more general information there is The Brothers WISP podcast, there is also their Patreon which I am a part of, lots of great people and information there.

I have worked with Cody Martin from Castle Rock Microwave, castlerockmicrowave.com
They can hook you up with all sorts of cool equipment, dunno about training, but they have always been pretty helpful when I have gone to them looking for quotes.

Can’t make many more recommendations, maybe @DustinS would have a list or have something up his sleeve.


Hi everyone!

It honestly depends on what you’re looking for.

For Routing and ISP consulting, I know folks have used LinkTechs http://www.linktechs.net/

If you’re looking for tower help, Waldrop Wireless https://waldropwireless.com/ is a very popular group in the WISP industry.

If you need Tower Climbing certfication and training, you can always check out Tower One Inc https://toweroneinc.com/products/tower-one-standard-certification


We do a lot of consulting, where are you located?
I am in Toronto (Markham).

I am in Michigan, Belleville area (near airport).

Post all your needs here.

We surely could help during start phase.

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