WISP Outdoor Wireless AP

Looking at offering an outdoor wireless internet service in a built-up area. Very low income area with need for some reliable and more cost effective internet compared to mobile data network rates which are ridiculous.

Design thoughts would be to have a high point on a pole for backhaul PtP to a tower with the backbone then need to decide on feasible AP that has high coverage area to service multiple clients 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz support for legacy devices since will likely use combination of old smartphones and laptops.

Since security would be a challenge to protect the equipment would prefer to have the AP mounted higher up on the pole(s) as well but have powerful enough antenna to service clients 360 degree.

Would be ideal if can use a single device for the backhaul link and AP but doesn’t need to be.
Need advice on product and network design for this setup to be a reliable service.