WISPAPALOOZA Backhaul Bakeoff - Ubiquiti pulled out

Still trying to get the details but apparently Ubiquiti didn’t want to test an AF5 or AF5x, I’m not sure which, against a B5. After all the B.S. floating around from eejim on the Ubiquiti forum and all the attacks I took questioning the methodology and hidden support he got from Ubiquiti, I’m just curious as to why they didn’t want to see an unbiased test. I think eejim’s credibility just took a huge hit.


Wow… Or maybe they are embarrassed after the “next” event? We were laughing at the fact Robert was saying that the AirMagic is a first and no one has done it before. Mimosa has been doing it for quite some time now. Its called auto everything! Don’t even get me started on the 4x4 and 8x8 Mimo claim with the 4 radios strapped to one dish.

Sorry couldn’t help posting the picture.


Okay, that’s funny. I’m more interested in finding out when 802.11ac GPS sync is supposed to come out. We all bought the B.S. of it working on the Rocket 5s and we got hosed. I’m guessing that if 802.11ac takes too long with GPS, they will have conceded the market to either Cambium or Mimosa.

I agree. It will be interesting to see when it ships and if the GPS sync will actually work. Ubiquiti does not have a good track record with getting PTMP GPS Sync working. I got hosed bad with RM5-TI.

It’s “Jaime level” photoshop quality @Kent if I do say so myself! :smile:

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Radwin also pulled out… He didn’t explain other than “there are reasons”

Airmagic is done with their PTMP System. This in fact is new as Mimosa needs some more time to sell PTMP. These multiple airfibers connected to an antenna looks cracy but there are some applications where it makes sense. E.g. I have backhaul links which are only separated by some degrees. Using one Antenna at the central site reduces tower rent. I would use netonix ws mini to connect this.

I can see that, depending on how the tower rate is billed. I also see it in places to reduce visual footprint on roofs. MImosa already announced the ability of the A5c to be able to handle 2 different frequencies simultaneously. Having it in one radio though, means the radio can manage which frequency the CPE talks to for the best connection. Assuming Ubiquiiti gets their PTMP radio to work, that is a critical feature that will be interesting to see if it works with 3 independent radios. There is also the PTP product which is designed to compete with the B5’s. The race is on to who gets to market first and if they ever get there at all. The Rocket GPS was a disaster and I’ve pulled all my ToughSwitches and replaced them with Netonix with faster speeds through the whole system. The first quarter of next year will be interesting.

Mimosa as a new competitor help to drive this market. I like this very much as we have to be competetive to DSL. A shame Mikrotik falls back with it’s wireless stuff. They cant take the step above just plugging Atheros cards into their APs. With .ac this no longer scales enough. Mimosa on the other side has to do some work with RF-Filtering/Near Channel rejection if they want to scale with PTMP in dense unlicensed deployments. 256 QAM needs some additional RF-Quality to be reached with interference around. And UBNT as always has to improve their Software fast enough to keep up with the HW. We are quite impressed what we see with their PTMP AC compared to 11n based PTMP gear. I am very eager to see Mimosa PTMP and compare the results.

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Stefan, I’m in the probably the densest home environment possible and I’m not seeing the RF-Filtering issue you are talking about. I’ve got one B5 link shooting 2.7 miles over the top of hundreds of homes 15’ above them running full-modulation with a 40MHz channel. It also includes going right past a tower with eight 5GHz radios and over the top of 2 Ubiquiti 5GHz Omni’s. The story that Ubiquiti was selling with the AF5 doesn’t seem to be the issue they tried to make it out to be. In addition, the AF5 doesn’t even cover the entire 5GHz band. If you are willing to give up some spectrum, then you can add more filtering but not only is the Quantenna chipset pretty good at filtering, the ability to use all the spectrum to get around direct interference issues is far more important than the filtering story that Ubiquiti is putting forth.

For example, I have to manually set 3 channels on the AF5x whereas on the B5c, I log in and find it on different channels all the time because the interference is so bad. The customer never sees the issue though. Auto-Everything is the future for high-interference environments.


I agree man!!
is very strange even this “launch” of ubiquiti.
while Mimosa has already left band with only one radio and an antenna, other competitors are piled radios to try to get the same as a B5c, for example.
long life Mimosa, the first manufacturer to deliver a MIMO 4X4 and 8X8 that really works.

8x8 ? Which product ?

yeah, the guys of ubnt already launch a “strange radio” 8x8 mimo… i dont now how its wiorks but is strange…
the really MIMO is A B5C radio, this is the best way to get more bandwith with low cost.

I havent seen any 8x8 radio from UBNT. Maybe you saw something else.

The 8x8 design is 4 AirPrism radios. Not sure how it works though. I don’t know anyone who has tried it.

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